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It is vital to know how users evaluate presented site information before makeing the decision to click. This is done through structured benchmarking and careful analysis in each targeted arena; from GOOGLE organic to Facebook PPC.

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Maryland SEO - Organic & Local SEO

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"I don't' know how he does it. What I do know is that it is amazing to see my websites sitting at the top of GOOGLE! OBS increased my online sales 20% in 2009 and we are still going strong in 2010!" Dave Lombardo, President, American Deck, Inc.

So, what's the secret to successful SEO? I'd love to rant about algorithmic architecture and depth-first search, but it's really unnecessary. Keyword identification, Strategic Keyword Placement, Off-Page SEO, Dynamic Content and Relevant Link Building are key, yet standard practices. Experience, understanding search engine logic, respect for the rules and the drive to win are essential. Optima utilizes only acceptable and approved search engine marketing techniques that give our clients the ability to effectively target their market while avoiding the crippling penalties dealt out to SEO Spammers.

Acquiring and maintaining a respectable Search engine ranking is quite complex and requires continual attention. ComScore, a global leader in measuring Internet usage trends, found that 61 percent of Internet users conduct local searches. Websites not ranked well are simply missing these consumers. The screen shot below is indicative of an OBS SEO'd website. Turn to Optima Busniess Solutions for your local, organic and paid SEO management.

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Columbia Maryland Maryland SEO - Organic & Local SEO
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